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Superfoods for diet plans and menus
Superfoods are part of many diets.

Welcome to our new series on diet plans and menus. We can help you find the right weight loss program for YOU, one that meets your specific needs and objectives. But don’t take our word for it. Once you have found the weight loss program that seems to meet your needs, be sure to consult with your medical or other health care professional. Save time and money and protect your health by discussing your diet plans with a dietician or nutritionist. I am not a health care professional. But I do know one thing; the excess baggage that you acquired in years or even decades of abusing your body won’t melt away in a manner of weeks, independent of what you may read elsewhere.

Each article briefly presents a popular diet, describing its objectives and what distinguishes it from the dozens and dozens of competitive diet plans. We conclude by providing sample menus for two days. Keep coming back; we will be adding articles on a regular basis.

One more thing: I love wine and feel that wine in moderation can be good for you. Take a look at other columns in this site for more information. And check out our comprehensive sister site,, for weekly reviews of $10 wines, scads of reviews on organic wines, and lots, lots more.

Diet Plans and Menus
Abdos    Apfeldorfer    Astro    Atkins
   Automatic    Best Life    Beverly Hills    Bikini
   Blood Type A    Type AB    Type B    Type O
   Cabbage Soup    California    Carbohydrate Addicts
   Creole    Cretan    Delabos    Detox-Slimming
   Dissociated    Doctor Cohen    Doctor Phil    Dukan
   Eat Your Colors    Fat Burning    Fit For Life    Forking
   Fricker    Genotype    Gesta    Glycemic Index
   Grapefruit    Hallelujah    Harmony Health    Hay
   High Speed    Hollywood    Jenny Craig    Kempner
   L. A. Shape    Lemonade    Life Choice    Low Carb
   Lose Weight A Day At A Time    Mangez! (Eat!)
   Master Cleanse    Mayo Clinic    McKeith
   Mediterranean    Miami    Minçavi    Mono
   Montignac    Nautilus Plus Tandem    Okinawa
   Ornish    Paleolithic    Pasta    Peltriaux    Portfolio
   Pritikin    Protal    Rice    Scarsdale    Shapiro
   Shelton    SLIM-data    Slim-fast    Sonoma    Soup
   South Beach    Special K    Turbo    Volumetrics
   Weight Watchers    Zen    Zermati    Zone